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In Unleashing the Power Within, Joe Land shares his own experiences through a series of "Life Lessons" so that you, too, can embark on a path to success and fulfillment--whether you want to lose weight, expand your career goals, increase your finances, or improve your professional and personal relationships...

Unleashing the Power Within is the kind of book that comes along once in a generation, a book that will change the way anyone looks at the world. It will allow you to make a fundamental difference in who you are and what you become.

Joe Land :

He's been called 'America's greatest salesman' by Morley Safer and profiled by Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal. Joe Land overcame his beginnings as a grammar school dropout to become a self-made millionaire. But it wasn't until he retired that he discovered 'Real Success.' Now he helps everyone discover the keys to fulfillment and happiness.

Joe Land has made millions in real estate, seminars, and direct television marketing. He conducts seminars to sellout audiences throughout the country. He lives in Tallahassee, Florida.



Itís really strange how and where life teaches us its lessons. This one I learned in a phone booth. I was taking a little trip by car a few years ago when I remembered that I needed to make a phone call. After a while I pulled over at a gas station on the side of a highway where I had finally spotted a phone booth. As I walked over to it, I retrieved the number from my wallet and then, as I made the call, laid the wallet on a little shelf there beside the phone.

To tell you the truth, I donít even remember what the call was about, but I must have been real proud of whatever negotiations took place that morning because when I was finished with the call I just walked back out to my car and got back on the road. I had been traveling again for about ten minutes when it hit me.

You know that feeling that grabs your gut when you realize youíve done something really stupid....like realizing in the second that the door slams shut that youíve left your keys inside?

Well, I realized in a flash that I had left my wallet back in that phone booth. My heart began to pound, and then, as the depth of my stupidity sunk in, I started calling myself names. I just couldnít believe Iíd been so dumb.

I just knew my wallet was gone. The traffic is very heavy on that little road and that was the only phone booth within 50 miles...I know because I drove 50 miles looking for it! But with a tiny glimmer of hope, I turned the car around and raced back to that phone booth. I slid my car up to the phone booth, jumped out, ran over, and to my absolute amazement and utter delight, found my wallet there, apparently untouched.

I was so happy! Iím looking through my wallet just to make sure everything is still there. And, sure enough, there are all my credit cards...I donít have to go through the hassle of calling all of those companies to cancel them. I still have my driverís license...I donít have to go down to the Motor Vehicle Department and stand in line for four hours to get a duplicate. There are the irreplaceable pictures of my two daughters. And, of course, all of my cash is still right there in the wallet. By this point I am standing in that phone booth with a huge grin on my face saying: "Yes! Thank you, thank you! I am so happy!"

Then I think, "Wait a minute...I had all this stuff in my wallet this morning. I wonder why I wasnít all this happy about it then?"

About then I got the strangest feeling that there was a lesson here somewhere...if I could just figure out what it was.

Then there was the one time in my life that I checked into a hospital. It turned out that I needed major surgery. Without going into the details of that operation, let me just say that as a result of that hospital stay, I was unable to sit down for about a month. Now, I could stand up and I could lie down, but I couldnít sit. Let me tell you a valuable lesson I learned from that experience: Sitting down is one of the most wonderful blessings of this life!  I no longer need a Mercedes Benz to be happy. Just let me sit down every now and then and I can find a way to be happy.

Are you understanding what Iím saying? Through these two experiences and some others that delivered the same message,
I began to get the idea that gratitude could be my greatest ally in creating my own happiness.


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